Perfume Department

Diversified team of perfumers: excellent talents from Shanghai University of Applied Technology, the cradle of Chinese perfumers, experienced French and British perfumers and essence professionals from Hong Kong, seek inspiration from nature, select raw materials, create ingeniously, and interpret fragrance stories with high-quality fragrance. A pair of certain fragrance types meet diverse and personalized needs, bringing a matching and wonderful experience.


Grasping the market direction and trend trends, OEB builds a bridge between products and fragrance, injecting forward-looking and creative inspiration and ideas into every fragrance creation, carefully selecting, upgrading, and creating unique market fragrance types for customers, and creating a professional personalized fragrance matching experience.

Marketing Department

From simple content to unique selling points and attractive market products, from being at a loss to building product direction and resource team strength, the marketing department provides customers with comprehensive and multi-dimensional services such as products, markets, resources, and management: precise and innovative product positioning and market forecasting, rich professional brand and supply chain resources, fashionable live streaming sales and internet celebrity promotion, one-stop brand solutions.

Sales Department

A professional team that loves fashion, with a keen industry sense and experienced aroma perception, well versed in market dynamics and trends, adept at insight into customer needs, and providing precise personalized customization solutions.

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