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Misty Morning

Fragrance Notes: Green Leafy Floral

Top notes: Neroli, Sweet Orange, Green Leaves

Middle notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, nutmeg

Base: Ambergris Musk

Through the rainy season forest, the air is filled with the fresh and natural fragrance of flowers and fruits, the water vapor in the forest has not yet dispersed, the elegant white flowers are still attached to the hydrating fragrance of plants, through the bushes, leaving the skin with a sweet floral and gentle animal scent, stopping to feel the lightness and greenness of the woods.

Highlight: Lightness and freshness  

Application: Laundry Detergent

>Fragrance Inspiration: Sunshine Haze Removal

Spring in the South is always cloudy and rainy, the most afraid of returning to the south of the clothes how can not dry, smothered with damp moldy smell, as if the clothes how to wash can not be clean.

For the damp to moldy days back to the south, launched a series of fresh, double the cleaning power of the green wash fragrance. The deodorizing concept of the fragrance is relatively more efficacious, combining green rhyme, herbal, citrus or aldehydes to enhance the expressive power.

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