Fragrance Inspiration: Mountain Notes,Spring Rain White Tea

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Cosmic Conjecture Spring Rain White Tea

Fragrance: Green

Top Note: Moss, Dew, Bamboo

Middle Note: White Tea

Base note: Guaiac wood, white flowers, musk

Early spring rain, pattering and moisturizing the growth of white tea, bursting out of the land of new life, accompanied by moss and dewy bamboo leaves of the damp and fresh aroma, the aroma of white tea gently into the nostrils, the vitality of nature is in this green.

Highlight: Light tea flavor

Application: Rattan Aroma

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Fragrance Inspiration: Mountain Notes

The popularity of outdoor sports such as camping and hiking

Showing people's desire for nature

Berry bushes, tea plantations

bamboo forests, cypress forests, mossy bushes and other

Outdoor scenes with many popular elements

Composed of mountain and field notes

The family of green and woody notes that expresses nature

have been gradually enriched in recent years

and combined with floral and fruity notes, mossy notes

In the indoor and home atmosphere

In the indoor and home atmosphere, you can also enjoy the fun of being close to nature.

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