Pure Clover: a fresh and natural sip of perfume

Update date:2024-01-09 Author:China Perfume & Fragrance Co.

Pure Clover-Siphone

Top Note: Bitter Orange, Cardamom, Basil

Middle Note: Clover, Violet Leaf, Neroli Oil

Base notes: patchouli, oakmoss, musk

Pure Refreshing Clover is a syrupy fragrance with top notes of bitter orange, cardamom, and basil, middle notes of clover, violet leaves, and neroli oil, and base notes of patchouli, oakmoss, and musk.


The fragrance opens with the freshness of bitter orange, with a slight bloom of orange blossom freshness set off almost transparently by the basil and violet leaves that follow it. The overall scent is like the first warm morning rain that falls on a lawn that is just spitting out its lush greenness, the raindrops falling on the green leaves and splattering them with a vibrant turquoise aroma.

This fragrance is suitable for use in body perfume, giving people a fresh, natural aroma.

Applications: Body Perfume

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