St. George - Green Leaves,Intense sweetness, soothing scent

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Top Note: Elemi, Rosemary, Rowlandia

Middle Note: Watermelon Violet Leaf

Cedarwood Patchouli Thyme

FECHII Essential Oils,Violet Oil,Cedarwood Oil

Violet essential oil from France, rich and sweet, anytime, anywhere, elegant fragrance; peaceful and pleasant, feel the body and mind from the inside out to relax and soothe.

Extracted from Virginia Cypress essential oil, fresh flavor, soothing fragrance, remove odor.

Step into the refreshing secret world of watermelon and violet leaves with the elegant fragrance of spearmint and the soothing rosemary. The combination of cypress and patchouli adds a touch of bitterness, as if a woodsy scent were left behind after the flowers have gone.

Application: Aroma Candles

FECHII Essential Oils: Violet Oil, Cedarwood Oil

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