Ylang Ylang Ecstasy Fragrance Diffuser - Floral, Space / Rattan

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Ylang Ylang Ecstasy - Floral

Top Note: Bergamot

Middle Note: Jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, ylang ylang.

Base: Amber Musk

Citrus Grandis Essential Oil, Rose Damascena Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil

Natural citrus essential oil from Italy, light and soft, with a sweet floral flavor, rich layers.

Damask rose is added for a gentle fragrance. Elegant and fragrant floral aroma to cultivate emotions, give you from body to mind to soothe and relax.

The freshness of citrus for the middle note of ylang-ylang flower realm buried in the spirit of soft ambrosia, jasmine lily of the valley of the freshness of the rose ylang-ylang carries a gentle and rich, amber and musk warm as if to make all these dreams return to the soil.

Application: Rattan Aromatherapy

FECHII Fragrance/Essential Oil: Citrus Grandis Essential Oil, Rose Damascena Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil

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