Oolang Infini

Oolang Infini-Woody FuchsiaTop notes: Perfumed Lemon, orange blossom oilMiddle notes: Tea, Jasmine, ...

Oolang Infini-Woody Fuchsia

Top notes: Perfumed Lemon, orange blossom oil

Middle notes: Tea, Jasmine, Leather

Base notes: Tobacco Flower, Guaiac Wood, Vetiver

Clear water vapor interspersed with perfumed lemon presents a slightly chilled aura, like a tea garden in the rain. The light aroma of tea and warm wood rises on your warm skin. At this moment, you feel that you are also like a piece of tea leaf slowly stretching in the warm water, and have been intoxicated in the timeless poetry of this danwei writing.

Application: Body perfume, Space fragrance

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