What is the best scent for hotels?

Update date:2022-04-29 Author:China Perfume & Fragrance Co.

What are the best scented hair for hotels?

The following are some suitable for hotel use fragrance:

Longjing ask tea: this fragrance is relatively pure Longjing green tea fragrance, and a hint of sweetness, can bring people a fresh, comfortable feeling.

Home away from home: this fragrance has a sweet scent, let a person as home in general, very suitable for large areas of the premises.

Oriental luxury: this fragrance is based on magnolia flowers, with a low-key and luxurious atmosphere, can be very good to enhance the hotel grade.

What is the best scent for hotels?

There are also Westin White Tea Scent, Shangri-La Scent, Ritz-Carlton Scent, Hilton Scent, Crowne Plaza Scent, Intercontinental Hotel Flower, Holiday Inn Scent, Sofitel Scent, W Hotel Scent and Sheraton Scent to choose from. When choosing a fragrance, you need to consider factors such as comfort, longevity, environmental friendliness and affordability of the fragrance, as well as the preferences of the target clientele.

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